Antari Z-390 Faze Machine (1500W) – comes with 4 litre Full Tank

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Antari has developed a new Z390 model. The design of this new fog machine bases on previous models for professional users, but practically in a broader application for general business purposes. Z390 features 1,500W capacity and comes with a 4-Liter fluid tank which helps reducing the times of refilling. The haze output is raised approximately 30% higher than previous models. Better for operations when the machine is rigged up in a higher location where refilling is more time-consuming.


Huge 1500W capacity

Both 3-pin and 5-pin in dual DMX connector

DMX offline auto power off function

LCD screen setup display user friendly

Equipped with hanger to add conveniences to your choice of hanging or lay flat

Big pipe design with smart auto cleaning function, no hassles for clogging when using Antari fog liquid

Adjusting wind volume in linen and ensure fog output smoothly

Easy connecting to 0-10V control


Voltage : 240 Volt

Heater : 1500 W

Fluid Consumption: 8 ml/min

Tank Capacity : 4 liter

Operation Time: 8 hours

Optional Remotes : Z3 Remote, WTR20

DMX Channels: 2 channels

Channel 1: Faze Output Volume

Channel 2: Fan Volume

Connection: IEC (Power), DMX XLR 3 & 5 pin

Weight : 9.45 Kg

Dimensions (mm) : L 368 W 277.7 H 267.4

Liquid Used : Antari FLG Liquid

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