Oyaide Neo D+ Stereo RCA Class-B Cable (2m)


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We love this brand. Great quality cables and colour coded for ease of use. Great when plugged into a DJ setup with CDJ’s, Serato or Traktor setup or just general use in your home studio/setup. Top quailty signal is easy with Neo/Oyaide products.

The NEO d+ class-B, RCA cable is 2 meter in length and will improve the sound quality of your DJ equipment and provide you with high quality performance. The conductor of d+ class B is 18 AWG pure oxygen free copper that prevents nasty sound or signal loss, even when transmitting dense amounts of information.

MP3 files tend to emphasise noise and sound that is not pleasurable for human ears. The d+ RCA series provides you with a smooth and stereoscopic sound to ensure your audio travels in perfect harmony with the other channel. This Neo RCA cable reduces distortion and signal loss thanks to its excellent electric property.

Oyaide combined the best materials, design and components such as the conductor, insulator, shielding, outer sheath, and contact of plug to create the world’s most amazing cable.

The NEO RCA cable will dissolve the stiffness and shallowness of digital sounds in not only compressed audio, but WAV and AIFF files. In addition to this, its hi-definition playback property helps create high quality vinyl recordings.

The colourful and innovative product design of the NEO d+ RCA cables are not only stylish and beautiful, but offer the highest quality standards in all aspects of their creation and will attract artists who want a better working environment.


  • CABLE analog audio cable (RCA connector)
  • The soft PVC outer and the stereo sprit cable have a high degree of usability for cable connection.
  • d+ class B is similar quality as high-end audio cables but the cost isn’t too much expensive to suit well to all sound creators.