Ortofon Cocoon LTD Twin Concorde


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The Cocoon twin Concorde set is a step up from the rest! Designed by Sven Vath of Cocoon Records. The specs are off the charts! 20-22000 Hz frequency response. Great design and comes delivered in a Black velvet box including extra stylus covers.

Here is what Sven had to say.

“These days, the technical set-up at events is unfortunately not always up to scratch for vinyl DJs, be it poorly maintained turntables, a lack of measures to reduce feedback, or poor-quality cartridges. What we produce is, above all, defined by our good sound. So in addition to a good sound system, it’s the cartridges that really matter the most. The Ortofon Nightclub MK2 has stood the test of time, as I have been using it for years at my appearances all over the world. I always take them wherever I go and I also always include them as a ‘must-have’ in my technical rider.

The Nightclub is reliable and, above all, forceful, which makes records sound louder without adversely affecting the sound quality. Our corporate designers, Schultzschultz, who are also responsible for all the Cocoon graphics, worked with me on designing this limited edition. And together with Ortofon, we have created an extravagant piece of art. Now with the Coocon Ortofon Nightclub, Techno sounds like supposed to sound!”


Output voltage at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec: 8 mV

Channel balance at 1kHz: 1,5 dB

Channel separation at 1kHz: 23 dB

Channel separation at 15 kHz: 15 dB

Frequency range at -3dB: 20-22.000 Hz

Frequency response: 20-20.000 Hz +/- 1,5 dB

Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommmende tracking force: 80 μm

Compliance, dynamic lateral: 7 μm/m N

Stylus type: Special Elliptical

Stylus tip radius: r/R 13/25 μm

Tracking force range: 2,0-5,0 g (20-50 mN)

Tracking force recommended:3,0 g (30 mN)

Tracking angle: 20°

Internal impedance, DC resistance: 1.000 Ohm

Internal inductance: 580 mH

Recommended load resistance: 47 kOhm

Recommended load capacitance: 200-600 pF

Cartridge weight: 18,5 g

Replacement stylus unit: Cocoon