Ecler WARM2 Two-Channel Analogue Rotary DJ Mixer


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WARM2 is an insanely good looking and well built mixer. Paying homage to the old warehouse days where Djs would play on rotary mixers. This modern but vintage looking 2 channel DJ mixers not only feels good, but sound incredible. Quality has alwasy been at the forefront of Ecler. This really significes build and quailty. 5 years warranty….yep you read that right.

Back in the days, Ecler was forging its own place among the Dj Mixer manufactures, while Frankie Knuckles, the godfather of House Music and The Warehouse first musical director, was reconstructing the soul and disco existing songs, by changing the tempo and layering different bits of percussion over them. These alterations transformed the dancefloor forever.

Rotary mixers have an special feel, creating a smoother and subtler transitions. Legendary Djs like Joe Clausell, Louie Vega and more recently Floating Points and Motorcity Drum Ensemble are top class users of these particular devices.

With WARM2, you’ll be able to get Ecler’s design expertise at your fingertips, its unquestionable audio quality, and the “Alps Blue Velvet” potentiometers precision for the perfect mix. The 4th order inbuilt isolator, will definitely expand your performance possibilities by removing frequencies, infusing drama in an acapella track, enhancing musical riffs or creating a tremolo effect by rapidly twisting the knobs.

With a width of 18.5 centimetres, WARM2 is the narrowest rotary mixer on the market. Despite this, it includes interesting features such as: 3-band EQ + Trim, FX Send control and Pre/Post fader selector, and an excellent dynamic and headroom range. WARM2 provides the best analog sound for your dancefloor in a portable format.

  • 2+1 Mixing channels
  • 1 MICRO input
  • 2 PHONO inputs
  • 3 LINE inputs
  • Master Output (HOUSE) on XLR and RCA connectors
  • Booth Output on RCA connectors
  • 6.3mm Jack and 3.5mm mini-jack Headphone Monitor Outputs
  • 3 band full cut EQ for main channels and 2 band full cut EQ for MICRO/LINE channel
  • 3 bands isolator (300Hz and 4KHz, -∞/+12dB, 4th order 24dB/oct )
  • Maximum Output without distortions: 21dBV (23dBu)
  • Mechanized from a solid block of aluminum knob, without visible screw. Ecler Unique design
  • Alps Blue Velvet Potentiometers
  • FX Send control and Pre/Post fader selector
  • Screen-printed faceplate by selective anodizing
  • Wooden side panels included