Small Laser Package

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  • 1 x CR Laser Cyan
  • 1 x CR Laser Pink
  • 1 x Antari w508
  • All cables included
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This is a great package to include some basic Laser action at your next event or House party

1 x CR Laser Cyan

1 x CR Laser Pink

1 x Antari w508




The CR Compact laser is designed for ease of use and low maintenance.

Under both Auto & Audio modes you can select Individual or 3 color mixing mode to run all 128 laser patterns.

In addition the supplied Infra-red remote controller allows you to control the laser once it is installed.


This Antari W508 Smoke Machine is 800 Watt. Runs off water based smoke fluid and is suitable for smaller events. 50+ people. Also works great for photo shoots when smokey effect is needed to fill studio.

The cutting-edge wireless control system gives Antari W series a simple setting and operation interface. Additionally, the state-of-the-art heater design upgrades the W Series fog machines to a higher level in terms of good quality fog and energy efficiency. In conclusion, Antari W Series bring users to a professional scene in an easier method.


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