PRE ORDER! AIAIAI Unit-4 Wireless+ Rechargable Active Studio Monitors (Pair)


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Portable Studio Monitors

No more annoying and cluttered cable setups with the UNIT-4’s wireless setup. The 4″ studio monitors deliver precise sound experience and neutral frequency response for accurate monitoring.

Danish acoustic design, solid bass extension, and a custom 5-band EQ via the AIAIAI mobile app. You gotta hear em to belive em. Come past the store and ask for a DEMO.

  • Complete wireless freedom
  • Reference monitor performance
  • Portable, compact and rugged
  • Connect to everything
  • Responsible design
  • Features expanded
  • Battery powered with 20H+ of playback time
  • W+ Link ultra low latency wireless audio for music creation – only 16ms of latency, uncompressed audio and robust connection
  • Wireless – both audio and power cables
  • Includes UNIT-4 Wireless+ (2 pcs), UNIT-4 Power Supply (2 pcs), UNIT-4 Protective Pouch (2 pcs), X02 W+ Link transmitter (1 pcs)