Pioneer VM70 Active Studio Monitor - Angle
Pioneer VM70 Studio Monitor Rear Controls

Pioneer VM-70 – 6.5” Active Monitor Speaker (Black) (PAIR)


Pioneer VM-70 – 6.5 Inch Active Studio Monitor – bring the club sound home with you! Heaps of adjustment from flat studio response to rich bass all from the speaker controls!

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The Pionner VM70 6.5 inch Studio Monitors have us pretty impressed! Flat when you need it for studio work, great bass when you’re playing at home. Great adjustable DSP on the back for EQ adjustment in any room, in a easy to manage package size. A perfect upgrade from 4.5 or 5 inch studio monitors or if you’re just starting out and want some powerful monitors for a home studio!

High-quality components

Every VM-70 Studio Monitor includes a Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP to enable wide-bandwidth audio reproduction. With its highly efficient performance, you’ll enjoy low distortion and high-energy sound. The 4mm thick rigid aluminium front baffle further suppresses resonance and vibrations. So you’re getting a sound that’s truly authentic to the original source.

DSP control

Voiced flat, the VM-70 monitors ensure you hear the natural sound of the mnusic. Plus, to help you tweak the output and find the perfect sound, you’ll find built-in DSP settings. On the rear panel, you’ll find 2 knobs; a Low EQ and high EQ. With 4 positions on each, you’ll have 16 possible EQ settings that are simple to engage. So you’re able to choose the one that will sound best for DJing or producing music in your home studio; depending on the shape, size, construction of the room.

Finally, the brand new design of the hexagonal aluminium front on the VM-70 brings a fresh look. As well as improved sound quality and durability. Cutting down vibrations for lower distortion while the tweeter protective guard further reduces the risk of damage to the high-frequency diaphragm.

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Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions35 × 39 × 28 cm

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