Ortofon Club Twin Concorde In Carry Case

From: $40 Per Day

Ortofon CLUB-2

The Ortofon CLUB-2 is the twin pack of Concorde style cartridges and stylus boasting the best specifications and best sound, making it an ideal choice for Club DJs in any environment; Studio, broadcast, or club.

The CLUB features Special Elliptic stylus that allows for detailed sound quality: Special Elliptic stylus fits better in the groove and therefore has more contact area with the groove itself, extracting more intricate details, than is possible with a Spherical diamond. The CLUB’s 8 mV output voltage requires less gain from the preamps, providing cleaner sound reproduction and less susceptibility to feedback in live environments.

The CLUB is also recommended for digitalizing purpose: it provides optimal quality and extracts every last detail from vinyl when transferring vinyl to any digital storage media.


Output: 8mV

Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz

Tracking Force: 3g

Stylus Type: Special Elliptical

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